Give yourself the gift of the right type of exercise

fitnessExercise is a necessary aspect of staying healthy and mobile. Adults are encouraged by the Centers for Disease Control to engage in moderate aerobic activity at least 5 hours a week. Getting the right amount of exercise is important in order to maximize benefits. However, it is also crucial to identify which type of exercise is best for you. If you are someone who experiences joint pain in the hips or knees, or even who struggles with low back problems, you may gain the greatest advantages from low impact exercise.

Low impact does NOT equal low benefit
In our hit-it-hard society, there could be a misconception that low impact workouts aren’t really doing you any good, or are providing minimal benefit. This is not the case! In fact, there are millions of people in our country who are best served by this type of exercise. All “low impact” really means is that one foot or the other stays on the ground throughout the entire workout. Without the jumping (and landing), this means less impact on the joints in the lower extremities.

Here’s What it Looks Like
Imagine getting a good workout by doing yoga, or by taking a brisk walk. There are several options for low impact exercise, including kayaking or paddle boarding, biking, hiking, swimming, or doing water aerobics. Dancing even qualifies as a low impact activity.

Who Benefits
Any man or woman whose knees hurt or crackle, or who have osteoarthritis in the hips or knees, could benefit a great deal from low impact exercise. Older individuals with osteoporosis, as well, are encouraged to stay active in the gentlest manner. Age aside, low impact exercise has been shown to be very beneficial for people of all ages who want to lessen the stress on feet, legs, knees, and hips.

There is no hard and fast rule that says a workout has to be strenuous or lengthy to promote better health, wellness, and vitality. What better way to take care of your body than to remain active for more years of your life thanks to the gentleness of low impact exercise!

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